It was founded in 1986 by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (“IBB”) to provide vehicle maintenance and repair and carry out traffic signaling services of Istanbul. Upon establishment of the Research and Development (R&D) department in 1995, it expanded its scope of activities and started to engage in Intelligent Transportation Systems, especially traffic signaling. Intelligent Transportation Systems of ISBAK Turkey have transformed its expertise in traffic management systems with the first licensed on-site R&D Center into innovative and effective solutions. With the aim of accomplishing projects under the scope of Smart City Istanbul Journey led by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; aiming to increase the life quality of the residents in terms of competitiveness, sustainability and livability in the coming future, ISBAK has conducted its corporate transformation in respect to this vision. With its experience in information technology area for 35 years and corporate memory, ISBAK is of critical importance to realize Istanbul’s Smart City vision and as one of the leading technology companies in Turkey, it assumes the mission of improving the quality of life in cities, primarily in Istanbul. It aims to contribute to the formation of happy cities with internationally competitive, sustainable and innovative smart city solutions by the smart city technologies.
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Vehicle Data Obtained by Image Processing

Vehicle Data Obtained by Image Processing

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