BELBİM Electronic Money and Payment Services Inc. is the founder of the R&D intensive 'Electronic Fare Collection System', which has been in service in the Istanbul public transportation system since 1987. Our company offers this system, which it has developed in-house completely with domestic and national software technology, to various sectors as electronic money and payment system with its accurate, secure transaction infrastructure. Safe, easy, fast and comfortable payment is provided through the prepaid electronic money card "Istanbulkard" at all points integrated to the electronic fee collection system. "Istanbulkard" was developed as electronic money media within the scope of this system by BELBİM AŞ in 2007. Istanbulkard is designed as an exemplary city card, which can accommodate 28 different applications within itself, and is suitable for developing various business models with different electronic money applications. BELBİM ELEKTRONİK PARA VE ÖDEME HİZMETLERİ AŞ transformed into an electronic money institution by obtaining an operating license from BRSA to operate within the scope of the Law No. 6493 on Payment and Securities Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions on 18.12.2015. By transforming the existing system into an electronic money system, our company ensures that Istanbulkart is used as a means of payment both in public transportation and in areas that the public need in their daily life together with other municipal services. For more;
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Hourly Public Transport Data Set

Hourly Public Transport Data Set

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Electronic Ticket Pass Data Used in Public Transport
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istanbulkart Filling Center Information

istanbulkart Filling Center Information

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