DDMM Research Section D3

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With the Data-Based Management Model in Istanbul research, it is aimed to determine the general sociodemographic and socioeconomic profile, needs and tendencies of the people of Istanbul...

Source: Data-Driven Management Model Research Section D3 Data

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
haneID numeric
sec_kisi_id numeric
hane_kisi_id text
D3ilceid numeric
D3ilce text
D3mahalleid numeric
D3mahalle text
D3ses_skor text
D3konut_tur text
D3mulkB7 text
D3yas_araligi text
D3cinsiyet text
D3medeni_durum text
D3egitim_durumu text
D3ogrenci_mi text
D3okul_turu text
D3okul_tipi text
D3calisma_durumu text
D3meslek text
D31guven_evy text
D31guven_evb text
D31guven_ycevgunduz text
D31guven_ycgece text
D31guven_istgunduz text
D31guven_istgece text
D32olay_hirsiz text
D32olay_gasp text
D32olay_arach text
D32olay_sokalkol text
D32olay_sokuyus text
D32olay_sokkavga text
D32olay_staciz text
D32olay_ftaciz text
D32olay_kumar text
D32olay_arkaza text
D32olay_mafya text
D33honem_aile text
D33honem_arkadas text
D33honem_akraba text
D33honem_komsu text
D33honem_egitim text
D33honem_kultur text
D33honem_is text
D33honem_siyaset text
D33honem_din text
D34komsuoz_yok text
D34komsuoz_dil text
D34komsuoz_siyasi text
D34komsuoz_cbasari text
D34komsuoz_millet text
D34komsuoz_cinselk text
D34komsuoz_dini text
D34komsuoz_alkol text
D34komsuoz_mdurum text
D34komsuoz_genisa text
D34komsuoz_giyim text
D34komsuoz_sgrup text
D34komsuoz_misafiry text
D34komsuoz_gelir text
D35ait_mahalle text
D35ait_ilce text
D35ait_ist text
D35ait_tr text
D36ifade_ksiyaset text
D36ifade_kekonomi text
D36ifade_kitfaiye text
D36ifade_evlilik text
D36ifade_aileb text
D36ifade_ecalisma text
D37estanisma text
D38evis_camasir text
D38evis_bulasik text
D38evis_yemek text
D38evis_evtemiz text
D38evis_evtamir text
D38evis_evalis text
D38evis_utu text
D39ksorun text
D310bsahip_otomobil text
D310bsahip_ehliyet text
D310bsahip_tapu text
D310bsahip_bhesap text
D310bsahip_kkarti text
D310bsahip_pasaport text
D310bsahip_intcep text
D310bsahip_hicbiri text
D310esahip_otomobil text
D310esahip_ehliyet text
D310esahip_tapu text
D310esahip_bhesap text
D310esahip_kkarti text
D310esahip_pasaport text
D310esahip_intcep text
D310esahip_hicbiri text

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