DDMM Research Section C

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With the Data-Based Management Model in Istanbul research, it is aimed to determine the general sociodemographic and socioeconomic profile, needs and tendencies of the people of Istanbul...

Source: Data-Driven Management Model Research Section C Data

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
haneID numeric
sec_kisi_id numeric
hane_kisi_id text
Cilceid numeric
Cilce text
Cmahalleid numeric
Cmahalle text
CSES_skor text
Cyas_araligi text
Ccinsiyet text
Cmedeni_durum text
Cegitim_durumu text
Cogrenci_mi text
Cokul_turu text
Cokul_tipi text
Ccalisma_durumu text
Cmeslek text
CmulkB7 text
Ckonut_tur text
C1aistyasam_yil numeric
C1bistnereden text
C1cgsebep text
C2hadil_tr text
C2hadil_alman text
C2hadil_arap text
C2hadil_bosnak text
C2hadil_ermeni text
C2hadil_fran text
C2hadil_ing text
C2hadil_ispan text
C2hadil_kurtce text
C2hadil_lazca text
C2hadil_rusca text
C2hadil_suryani text
C2hadil_diger text
C3mahmem_hava text
C3mahmem_su text
C3mahmem_ses text
C3mahmem_temiz text
C3mahmem_aydin text
C3mahmem_kanaliz text
C3mahmem_elektrik text
C3mahmem_ttasima text
C3mahmem_kaldirim text
C3mahmem_yesila text
C3mahmem_internet text
C4ist3sor_ekonomik text
C4ist3sor_ulasim text
C4ist3sor_deprem text
C4ist3sor_gocmen text
C4ist3sor_kdonusum text
C4ist3sor_ayrimcilik text
C4ist3sor_konut text
C4ist3sor_dyapilasma text
C4ist3sor_park text
C4ist3sor_siddet text
C4ist3sor_altyapi text
C4ist3sor_engelli text
C4ist3sor_kanalist text
C4ist3sor_cevrehava text
C4ist3sor_kultur text
C4ist3sor_diger text

Additional Information

Field Value
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Created August 2, 2023
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