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With the DDMM (Data-Based Management Model) in Istanbul research, it is aimed to determine the general sociodemographic and socioeconomic profile, needs and tendencies of the people of Istanbul and to produce data that will form the basis for strategies to be formed on investment and services. For this purpose, interviews were conducted with 50,000 households throughout the city using face-to-face survey method. The number of surveys was distributed in proportion to the number of neighborhood households, with at least 12 surveys per neighborhood. In order for the results of the study to represent Istanbul, the households to be interviewed were selected at the neighborhood level by stratified random sampling method.

The fieldwork, in which the final form of the questionnaire was applied through workshops and meetings, was carried out between 29.11.2021 and 07.03.2022.

In this data set; District-based analysis data of Data-Driven Management Model research shared as raw data are included takes.

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