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Department of Information Technologies

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The dataset contains the necessary files to create GTFS data for Minibuses, Taxi Minibus, Sehir Hatlari, IDO, Turyol, Dentur Avrasya, Marmaray (TCDD) and Metro lines.

GTFS(The General Transit Feed Specification), is obtained by processing public transportation data using time schedules and geometries on the basis of stops and voyages. It is a data format used for travel planning in public transportation. Bus, metro, minibus etc. from A to B. It contains enough data for an application to analyze how to get there via tools.

Data last update dates are as follows;

Minibus: 20.02.2018

Taxi Minibus: 16.01.2018

Sehir Hatlari: 25.09.2019

Metro Istanbul: 09.07.2020

TCDD: 16.10.2019

İDO: 16.10.2019

Turyol: 02.10.2019

Dentur Avrasya: 30.10.2019

Data and Resources
  • agency.csv The data set contains information about the institutions providing the data....
  • calendar.csv The data set indicates the start and end date of the services and the days of...
  • frequencies.csv It includes the time information of the changing services on the routes and...
  • routes.csv Popular Includes information about the routes. It contains information such as...
  • shapes.csv The data set contains line and symbol rules to be used when representing a...
  • stop_times.csv Includes the times of public transport to reach and leave the station. It...
  • stops.csv Popular It includes the points where vehicles drop and unload passengers. It contains...
  • trips.csv It contains all the voyage information on the route. It contains parameters...