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Department of Transportation

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The Istanbul Transportation Model emerged within the scope of the "Istanbul Transportation Master Plan", which was realized in 2012. The model has been validated for the year in question using the data of the year 2020 and provides consistency with the real bindi data of over 95%, with rail system lines on a line basis and other modes on a macro scale. The city population data (18.6 million) produced by TURKSTAT was used in the model study conducted for the year 2040, which was determined as the projection year. The model was developed for hourly (morning peak time) assignment, and the morning peak data of December 2019 07:00 – 08:00 was used.

The important assumptions made in the model study are as follows;

In the public transportation part of the model, the value of time is taken as “0.35”.

Model results were obtained by performing 2 iterations.

Marmaray, Metrobus and Hızray public transportation lines were operated with distance-based payment, while other public transportation lines were operated with fixed first press and transfer fees.

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