Amounts of Clean Water Given to Istanbul

Amounts of Clean Water Given to Istanbul








Established in 1981 with the İSKİ Law No. 2560, İSKİ is an independent budget institution affiliated to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The main duties of İSKİ, which is an organization affiliated to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, with an independent budget and a public legal entity, according to the founding law are: To make or have the studies and projects of all kinds of facilities made, to establish or have the facilities established according to these projects, to take over and operate the established ones, to make maintenance and repairs. To prepare or have prepared the studies and projects of all kinds of facilities necessary for the collection of used water and rain water, their removal from the settlement areas and their harmless delivery to the discharge site or the utilization of these waters. To prevent the pollution of the sea, lake, river shores and underground waters of the water resources in the region with used water and industrial wastes, to prevent the activities that will lead to the loss or decrease of water in these resources, to take all kinds of technical, administrative and legal measures in these matters. To carry out the duties given to the municipalities within the service area regarding water and sewerage services and to use all kinds of authority in these matters. Purchasing and renting all kinds of movable and immovable properties, selling tools and equipment that have no economic value, establishing and operating facilities related to the services of İSKİ directly or in partnership with public and private institutions. To participate in facilities established or being established for this purpose. It is to expropriate all kinds of immovable property or to fulfill the right to use it, if the studies related to the purpose of establishment necessitate it. For more information:
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