IGDAS Employee Information

IGDAS Employee Information








The primary purpose of the Metropolitan Municipality in natural gas distribution is to provide natural gas services to the society in a continuous and economical way, with the active participation of all employees, by providing customer satisfaction with the most appropriate advanced technology, a safe infrastructure and clean environmental awareness. "The Metropolitan Municipality, which undertakes the investments, management and sales of natural gas infrastructure in Istanbul, has started a major investment move with the Istanbul Gaz Dağıtım San. Istanbul's air has been cleaned by expanding the use of natural gas with the infrastructure investments made throughout the city. Currently, Istanbul is among the cleanest metropolises in the world. Since the activities related to the natural gas sector require advanced technology and higher education, our Municipality has the necessary knowledge and technical equipment. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to provide world-class services in every field, has developed its infrastructure and thus achieved international standards and has become the owner of the world's largest natural gas network. It has documented its quality by obtaining HSAS 18001 and ISO 55001 certificates. In addition, Enterprise Asset Management (ERP) has been integrated into the natural gas operating system and changing needs have been made to be met by developing technology. Istanbul Natural Gas Network is kept under surveillance 24/7 with 3 regional directorates equipped with the latest technology, operating chiefdoms, nearly 1000 technical personnel, Central Control and Data Collection System SCADA and fully equipped vehicles. On the other hand, it also provides service to Istanbul residents with its Service Buildings, Cashiers, Banks and Payment Centers. Our municipality, which continues its investments for the rapid spread of natural gas, which is a comfortable, safe, economical as well as environmentally friendly fuel, has increased the number of natural gas subscribers to over 6 million with its promotion and incentive activities. Our work has been crowned with nearly 50 awards, including the National Quality Grand Award, the Continuity in Excellence Award, the Company Adopting Customer Satisfaction as a Principle, the Best Call Center Award, the CSR Sustainability Award and the Golden Compass Awards, which we have received for our work on natural gas. Currently, the natural gas company of our Municipality, İGDAŞ, is in the 28th place among the 500 largest companies in Turkey with its natural gas works. Finally, in August 2016, the district of Çatalca was added to the service area, and natural gas was delivered to all districts of Istanbul from Silivri to Şile, from Adalar to Tuzla. For more information: https://www.igdas.istanbul/
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