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34 Minutes Istanbul is a platform that shows areas where daily needs are met for walkable and accessible urban service quality.

Urban quality of life; It consists of sustainability, vitality, livability, enjoyment, equality and welfare parameters, and an evaluation was made in the project through the livability index.

Livability index; It is produced from separately calculated diversity, affordability and walkability indexes and has a score between 0-100.

1-Diversity index is an index that represents the diversity of Istanbul in 8 main functions (Housing, Working, Meeting Needs, Cultural Activity, Learning, Health, Transportation and Spending Time).

2-Affordability index is an index that represents the affordability of the place to live based on the income level and affordability of the residents.

3-The walkability index is an index that represents the combination of both physical infrastructure and elements that will encourage walking.

The 17-minute living spaces determined within the scope of the project constitute 34-minute living spaces where daily needs can be met and affordability and walkability are high. 34-minute living spaces can be compared based on daily needs grouped in 8 functions: shelter, work, meeting needs, cultural activity, learning, health, transportation and spending time, and provide a basis for decision makers by providing outputs on the urban infrastructure deficiencies of the regions.

For more information about the project, you can visit the 34 Minutes Istanbul website.

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